Yes, of course, all the graphics or paint on the sails affects their performance to some extent. In the case of the TP52 Phoenix, the graphic on the sails covers 18mt2 which gives a paint weight of 1.08Kg. This if we take it to a person carrying weight on the board is equivalent to 1.88kg of weight.

We want you to win the races. We measure the impact of all our designs to ensure that they do not affect the performance of the sails.

BOAT BRANDING is a company that is always innovating and endeavoring to reinvent branding in the nautical world.

We want to improve the techniques in boat advertising that will not affect boat performance. In highly competitive sailing, the best technologies are needed on all parts of the boat and advertising and design are unquestionably necessary to their development. We take care of every detail so that your boat sails faster and your image is more impacting.

We generally use different techniques such as:

An optical illusion and gestalt phenomena, such as dots on the spinnaker that reduce the weight of the graphics from 38% to 43%, or images in perspective. We combine vinyl graphics and paint and we place the graphics on the top third of the sail, and often only on just one side. We carefully cut the edges of the vinyl and do not put graphics on the leech. Nor do we cover or move any dogvane.

 We use small-sized graphics panels so that the sails are affected as little as possible. We understand how photographs and videos are captured. We respect the colors of the brands and we contrast them with the environment in which sailboats navigate. In the company of engineers, we have developed mathematical and statistical formulas to measure the weight of the graphics and how that affects the sailboat’s seaworthiness.

We are always looking for new materials, technologies, measurements and techniques so that you will sail faster.